CAN-BUS PRODUCT Industrial Buses

Minhand CAN-bus products provide a large-scale CAN-bus combined networking solution to build a CAN-bus security system. 1. Wide application, stable and reliable, widely used in railway, medical, aerospace, building security and other industries; 2. Large

IOT MODULE Network Modules

The first step of intelligent equipment, support mainstream communication protocols, authoritative certification for global use, low power consumption, plug-and-use.

HanClouds Edge HanClouds Edge

HanClouds Edge's computing platform provides the Hanyun Industrial Gateway and Development Kits of products. Guaranteed that the scene can be driven in the near field and the cloud to achieve the synergy of the end cloud intelligence. Development kit, Han

DANCING LED Floating Matrix

Floating matrix, also known as (vibration matrix, dynamic matrix, spherical matrix, motor display, ball matrix, dream float, dynamic sculpture), dynamic floating matrix is a technique which integrates multiple disciplines such as motion control, electrica

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